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What makes us safe?

What makes us feel threatened?

We posed these questions to a series of experts in different fields. These long-form video interviews take 'safety' from a variety of Matrix intersections including terrorism & crime, infowar and states at risk. View and then discuss.
Michael Bierut
Graphic Designer, critic, and blogger, talks about how design influences feelings of safety and identity. (pictured above)

Mark Bowden
Journalist and author, including Black Hawk Down, talks about telling war stories and the impact that they have.

Frederic Grare
Visiting scholar, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, talks about Pakistan's political turmoil and its relations with the U.S.

Lawrence Wright
Journalist and author, including The Looming Tower, talks about terrorism and the evolution of al-Qaeda.

Witness global security events from your computer. Lectures begin in the fall of 2006 and continue until the spring of 2008. Transcripts and notes will be logged here.
David Campbell
Durham University, 12 April 2007
Patricia Owens
University of Oxford, 7 March 2007
From 2006:
Daniel Deudney